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BP Security

Make you safe and arrive on time at your destination is our only concern.

Businesss & Pleasure VIP Transfers offers experienced Bodyguards and drivers who not only know the route of the area, but they can also handle the unexpected to protect you, your family, your relationships and your ability with confidence. If the car or your person should be someone became ill intruder approach must now highly personal or security based on the nature carried out in the vehicle, our current and retired law enforcement personnel will provide the peace of mind you will not find with drivers by car or limousine services companies.

Our Bodyguards and drivers are tactful, reliable and cautious.

They are bound to not reveal that which would be seen or heard. They treat you with the utmost respect, they drive carefully in all circumstances, and they will find an efficient alternative routes in case of roadworks. All are trained to handle unexpected aggression.

A high level conference or bring your children home from their grandmother’s, you can be assured of courteous and¬†responsive expertise we provide. Use a car from our fleet or your own, and we ensure the safety and reliability you deserve.

  • Executive Protection
  • Private Bodyguards
  • Security Guards