Our Drivers

The private drivers of Business & Pleasure VIP Transfers are available day and night for you.

Your car is your comfort zone. It’s clean, comfortable, familiar, easy, reliable.

Do you have a long day in the car or want to use your travel time to rest, to read emails, telephone or prepare for your next meeting, then the best solution is our private driver. The drivers of Business & Pleasure VIP Transfers provide excellent customer service and are true professionals. Each driver has a good driving record.

Our drivers are professionally dressed, well educated, caring, trustworthy, honest, courteous, safety conscious and knowledgeable. Their professionalism, protocol driver and driving capabilities will immediately earn your trust and confidence. We guarantee it!

Our private drivers are:

  • Representative
  • Experienced in driving various cars
  • Reliable and discreet

Your private driver knows the intensity on highways and beyond.

We have good references regarding our private drivers. Several customers drive every day with our drivers. We share these bookmarks with you but in the privacy of a personal interview. This is to protect the privacy of our customers.

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