Our fleet

Our Drivers provide excellent customer service and are true professionals

Each driver has a good driving record and is fully licensed, bonded and insured employees Compensation. The drivers are professionally dressed, educated, caring, trustworthy, honest, courteous, safety conscious and knowledgeable. Their professionalism, protocol driver and driving capabilities will immediately earn your trust and confidence. We guarantee it!

In addition to driving tasks, the drivers will run errands for you while you do business. The drivers will be happy to park your car tanked, cleaned, and take your car in for scheduled / unscheduled maintenance, they help you while shopping, pick up your dry cleaning, and support you in any way they can to make your precious time Maximizing.
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Still not convinced?

Business meetings, scheduled doctor appointments, outpatient procedures, your child(ren) drive to / from / after school, lunch, dinner, theater, concerts, shopping, sporting events, wine tasting, weddings, shopping, special events, sight-seeing for visiting friends or relatives out of town trips, movie premieres, funerals, on-site transportation, award shows and every time you just do not want to drive.

For business & holidaymakers who need driving assistance during their visit. We also offer driver placement and temporary, relocation assistance (learning how to navigate your new environment), private guide, plus help for the elderly, the disabled and impaired driving. All drivers are compassionate, helpful professionals. The driver gets you prepared for it, relaxed and on time.


Professional drivers with years of experience in driving people just like you

A private chauffeur recently celebrated a milestone … more than 20 years in business! We offer experienced drivers since 2000. We are also very proud to add that we have never had an accident! That’s right, collision-free in more than twenty years of driving our key customers.

Our driver relations, safety procedures and management process was developed with your comfort and safety in mind. We work with independent professional drivers with years of experience in driving people just like you. Our desire is to build a lasting and true relationship with you through the very best drivers offers the ultimate in comfort for you. Our drivers are available by the hour, but we also ‘driver temps “for short-term assignments and full-time private driver placement for individuals and businesses.

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